The Kappa File is now on Nook

January 31, 2013  |  No Comments  |  by Oliver Sands  |  Novels

The fast-paced legal thriller is now out on Nook. Go to to review the first 60 pages.

What does a mysterious file have to do with a multi-million dollar construction contract, the election of a county commissioner in Florida, and Attorney Mark Stone’s new client? Mark has weeks, if not days, to locate the file and find out. However, no one who has seen the content of the file has lived to tell about it.

The Kappa File is an action-packed legal thriller set in Miami-Dade County, Florida, where the winner in a special election for County Commission casts a tie-breaking vote to award a multi-million dollar construction contract to a client’s competitor. However, Mark has some doubts about the circumstances of the contract award. Why did a commissioner abruptly resign to pave the way for the special election? If the new commissioner’s win was a true upset, why did his opponent already know that the commissioner would win the election in spite of the commissioner being far behind in the polls?

Mark knows that the answer may reside in a mysterious file, called the Kappa file, that his client’s former attorney was looking for. Knowing what’s in the file or who created it may solve the mystery. However, if made public, the content of the file may shake the political establishment in Florida and beyond. As a result, a killer is out there determined to stop Mark. He has already killed two people and Mark may be next. Click here to get it from Barnes & Noble.

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The Kappa File
The Most Anticipated Legal Thriller is Now Out on Amazon

The kappa File