Reviews of The Mumba Petition

I liked the suspense and intrigue of this unusual, well written novel. The novel is realistic in its content and is a potent thrilling adventure.
By Bernard Mazzeo

Oliver Sands weaves a compelling international-based mystery novel. Yes, the reader will find themselves "traveling" over the world as they ponder just who the real Baddie may be...perhaps you will figure it out before the final thrill-filled moments...I didn't. Sands makes his characters "come alive" and the reader can relate to them; especially the leading characters. It's a reading well worth the reader's time.
By Joe B. Blewett "JoeB"

The Mumba Petition is an interesting read. There are lots of unexpected occurrences throughout the book that keep the reader off balance and wanting to discover what will happen next. I especially found the initial premise to be fascinating and one I wanted to know more about. As in real life, most of the characters in the book end up being different from their initial presentation. Even though the premise for the conclusion was set as the story line evolved, I found myself wishing for a different ending. But the ending that was presented was, as in real life, not what I wished for, but rather one that was realistic.
By Denny O

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