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Can a discovery be more significant than the finding of a cure for cancer?

When African scientist Pierre Mumba fled the Republic of the Congo after an explosion in his lab and showed up at Miami International Airport without proper legal papers, attorney Troy Douglas assumed that it was an ordinary immigration case. But was it?

Did Dr. Mumba discover a vaccine for cancer as he and his American business partner claimed, or was the discovery more significant as the Congolese government contended?  More importantly, where is the formula? Was it destroyed during the explosion?

Adding to the mystery is evidence tampering, the death of Dr. Mumba’s business partner, the sudden appearance of Dominique O’Connell, Dr. Mumba’s beautiful adopted daughter, and the existence of a killer who does not want the formula to be found.

Had Troy bit off more than he could chew?  Would he realize it in time to stay alive?



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